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Ringing: sheath engraver-cutter machine for mineral insulated cables


Product features:

  • Practical bench model very simple to set-up and operate
  • Noiseless manufacturing process without material removal
  • Precise and repeatable results
  • Universal clamping system of the cable assembled on insertion carriage
  • Fixed piece working through rotating knives
  • Ability to work long or shaped cables
  • Inspection window for manufacturing process control
  • Equipment in conformity with CE safety rules
  • Great reliability with large use of stainless steel and titanium
  • Depth grooving adjustment (very high precision) with hand-wheel provided of accurate gravitational indicator
  • Fully automatic grooving process under microprocessor control with counters
  • Fast operation for all kind of cable suitable for every number of pieces
  • Continuous use with automatic motor standby

Workable cables:

  • from 1.0mm to 3.2mm with setup "A" and accessories for small cables
  • from 1.5mm to 6.5mm with setup "B"
  • from 6.0mm to 11.0mm with setup "C" for bigger cables

Technical specifications:

  • Power supply: 400V / 230V
  • Working pressure: 2 ÷ 6 Atm
  • Dimensions: 600x240x300 mm
  • Weight: 40 Kg
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